Monday, 5 July 2010

Win an Android Phone from Jehzlau-Concepts is giving away an Android Phone Samsung Galaxy Spica. One qualified blogger has a chance to win this Adroid Phone from Jehzlau-concept. If you are interested to know more the mechanics of the contest, simply click here.

Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica

"Why do you deserve an Android phone?

Well, everybody deserves a phone, whether we are rich or just enough. We usually use this for communication and other important stuff. I deserve to have an android phone not just because of its functionality as a phone, but its other help as well. I already had a phone that I currently use not just for calls and messaging. I use this to update my web profiles, online blogs and portfolios. It is a very good help specially when we are required to use it to do some research in school. But just like any devices, a better device gives better functionality.

The android phone may give me an advantage over my current phone like better software, better data processing and stuff. But it may give me much more than that. One example is that I can sell the android phone. Yes, sell it for the better. I will sell it not to buy a better phone, but to buy something that'll give me better usage. Just like a laptop or a notebook. I don't need a brand new one, as long as there is something that I can use for school. My course as a college student is very demanding. We have reportings and lessons that requires extensive research, and as of now, we are preparing for the harder part: thesis. A second hand notebook doesn't seem to hurt that bad, really.

But why the buy and sell stuff? As you see, I came from a family that we can say 'enough'. A family that can afford to have three square meals a day, buy new clothes every six months, and just have enough to buy snacks every now and then :) I study on a low-budget university that the tuition fee is being refunded by the local government (P.U.P.) every now and then. You see, a poor community on a poor country. But that doesn't stop me and other students to pursue our dreams of being successful one day. It is saddening to let go of things that may give us an advantage (in this case, the android phone ), but it may give us better options and more advantages.

There'll be a lot of help for me if I got the prize. It's not just for me of course. My classmates, can also benefit for this. We all deserve a wonderful tool to help us get our jobs done. The benefit will belong to all of us. Good day!


  1. wow! I so love Samsung.In fact this is my 2nd time buying their products. hehehe

  2. Why would you sell it?? (Sell it to me if you win, hahaha. But lower than the original price, haha.)

    Good luck!

  3. God Bless parekoi!...You have a good intention... But upon reading "some" posts from other bloggers who are also joining the contest, it seems they have their better reasons of winning the phone! Well probably in your case, we really have same reason if I will gonna join the said contest. In the end may the best man or woman wins!

  4. good luck po sa contest.
    Saka, ang ganda po ng bagong layout ng blog nyu.

  5. @tart, yeah! Samsung phones was really nice like this one. The Operating system is an android!

    @dani, sure! If ever I win this contest? I will sell it to you. But not for a very low low price.

    @Jhiegzh, ganon ba? Kahit na atleast nag try akong sumali. Tama ka may the best man or woman wins! Salamat parekoi.

    @munting bisiro, salamat! Bakit ikaw di ka nag join sa contest na yun? Malay mo manalo ka? Salamat sa pag puri sa bagong lay out.

  6. Your blog is too outstanding and eye catching,you should try website to incraese visitor.

  7. woooooooot! thanks for joining! malapit ko na e announce ang winnerrr! yay!

  8. Sana ako yung winner.. Salamat po sa ganitong chance!



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