Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Meaningful Quotes

''If you love what you're doing,
you'll never get bored''

same w/..

''If you love that someone, you'll never get tired..''

I received this quotes from my friend. Honestly? I do not know the reason why she sent me this nice quotes. But anyway this quotes was really inspiring and after reading, I realize that this lines makes sense and can be compare in many kinds of examples. Like in work or job were you really love what you are doing, you never get tired of it. It is also same with your course in college, if you really like your course? You will never get tired studying it. ΓΌ

Anyway, but if we get hurt on the things that we enjoy or love. We all feel the boredom and tiredness that we never felt before. It simply because we never expect that the things that we enjoy or love will be the one who will give us a irony feeling. Sad but it is True!

It is not just about the unexpected experience of pain that we may able to encounter on the things that make us enjoy. The true lesson is not the pain inside but the experience that will help us to grow. Which may help us to face the situation, problem that we many encounter next.


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